Hazardous Places in the Home for Cats

We probably think of our homes as the safest place for our cat to reside, and compared to the streets or backyard, they are. However, there are some hazard spots to be aware of inside your doors. Read on below as a Davis County veterinarian discusses a few of them.


Hot stovetops, coffeemakers, toasters, ovens, boiling pots of water—the list of potential kitchen dangers is extensive. Cats often like to get up on the kitchen counter in search of goodies, which could be hazardous to their health. In addition, knives or sharp objects could be protruding out and your cat could cut herself. Make sure your cat doesn’t get up on counters, and keep her out of the kitchen when cooking.


Many cats will enjoy relaxing in front of a warm fire, but make sure the fireplace is safely and securely screened to prevent any accidental burns. You never know when a wagging tail could catch the fire, or a loud noise could accidentally startle your cat into touching a flame.

Laundry Room

Warm clothes and a small, quiet space—the drier seems like the perfect place for a cat to hang out. Of course, it’s extremely dangerous if you don’t notice the cat sleeping away in there and turn the appliance on. Make sure you keep washer and drier doors tightly shut, and always check before you start the machine.


Young kittens could fall into an open toilet if they’re looking for a quick drink. Also make sure all medications, hygiene products, and cleaning formulas are all safely locked away so your cat can’t come into contact with them.


Make sure your windows have sturdy screens. Many a cat has fallen out of an improperly-screened window. What’s more, a screen with a rip or hole in it could allow an escape route for your cat, leading to a case of the missing pet.

Call your Davis County veterinarian for more helpful tips on making your home as safe as it can be for your feline friend.


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