Caring for an Arthritic Cat

Arthritis cannot be cured, but you can manage it to make your cat’s life a bit easier. Follow these tips from a Davis County veterinarian to make your cat more comfortable.

Raise Dishes

If your joints were stiff, would you want to bend all over trying to eat and drink? Of course not! Neither does your cat. Consider placing her food and water dishes on a slightly-raised surface, just below your cat’s head height. This way she won’t have to bend down as far and struggle to get to her food or water. The last thing you want is for your cat to stop eating or drinking because of pain.

Provide Access to Perches

Arthritic cats still want to get to that windowsill perch or the back of a chair, but their pain might make it difficult. Try outfitting your home in ways that make it easier for her. Purchase or build your own cat ramps, lined with carpeting, to assist your cat in hoisting herself to these perches. Or, if you see her eyeing up a perch, gently pick her up and place her there yourself to save her the trouble.

Provide a Soft Bed

A warm, soft bed will feel great after a day of walking around on painful, aching joints. Make sure there’s a plush blanket to cushion your cat. You can also consider placing more than one bed around the house, so your cat can have her choice of convenient locations.

Check the Litter Box

Many arthritic cats have trouble accessing the litter box, simply because it’s painful to jump up and into the structure. Purchase a litter box with low sides and an easy-access opening so she’s more likely to get in and out easily. It will make her more comfortable and save you the time and trouble of cleaning up a mess on your carpet.

Call your Davis County veterinarian to ask for more helpful tips on caring for your arthritic cat.


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