Keeping Your Pet Safe as Spring Rolls In

Spring is just around the corner—and so are a host of pet hazards that come with it. Here, a Davis County veterinarian advises you on keeping your pet safe this spring.

Indoor Chemicals

Thinking of starting your spring cleaning this weekend? Keep all cleaning products, bleaches, paints, or solvents far out of your pet’s reach. Read the labels to find out about proper use and storage—it’s always best to keep chemicals in a locked cabinet or closet, safely sealed where your pet has no chance of reaching them.

Outdoor Chemicals

Springtime is usually when people put fertilizers on their lawns and pesticides on their gardens to protect them from springtime pests. If you’re doing so, keep your pet inside. If your pet decides to chew on a tuft of grass or much on a tasty-looking garden plant, the results could be fatal. Also make sure you’re storing these products in a locked shed or garage.


As the Easter holiday approaches, make sure all Easter baskets, chocolate, candy, and flowers are safely secured. Chocolate, candy, and gum can all be very toxic to pets if enough is ingested, and many flowers and holiday plants can be very dangerous as well. Lilies, for instance, are toxic to cats. Be mindful of where you place and leave Easter baskets, and keep all goodies off countertops and tables.


You aren’t the only one who might suffer from allergies as the spring rolls in—dogs and cats can get allergies, too! Symptoms might range from minor sneezing and sniffling to life-threatening seizures and shock. If you think your pet might have an allergy to springtime pollen or other allergens, set up an appointment with your Davis County veterinarian to get your pet examined.

Open Air

By all means, enjoy the warmer weather with your pet this spring—take him on walks, trips to the dog park, or even jogs, but always make sure his identification is up to date should he run off! Make sure your dog or cat is wearing an ID tag around his collar, or that he’s microchipped under the skin.


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