Cat Naps: Your Sleepy Feline

If you have a cat, there’s a fairly good chance that your furball is sleeping as you’re reading this. Our feline friends certainly do love their beauty rest! What is it that makes kitties so sleepy? Below, a Clinton, UT vet discusses Fluffy’s favorite pastime: the cat nap.

How Much Do Cats Sleep?

Our feline friends sleep about 15 hours a day, on average. If it’s raining, Fluffy may sleep even more! Kittens and senior cats can sleep up to 20 hours each day. This is more than almost any other mammal on the planet!

Fluffy’s Favorite Spots

Most cats seem to enjoy rotating between several favorite napping spots. Fluffy may take her morning doze in her favorite sunbeam, and then retire to the couch for her afternoon nap. Later on, she might curl up in your lap for a snooze, before eventually snuggling up with you at bedtime for another long sleep. One thing is certain: our feline friends do enjoy napping in some rather interesting contortions and places. Baskets of fresh laundry, recently-vacated chairs, boxes, homework, and anything we don’t want cat fur on seem to be the most popular choices. And as to positions, well, let’s just say science hasn’t completely explained that yet.

Just How Much Sleep Does A Cat Need?

Fluffy’s predilection for sleeping isn’t completely unwarranted. When Kitty lived in the wild, she spent tremendous amounts of energy stalking and hunting her dinner, so she would need to recharge. Apparently, kitties just never got the memo that let them know being a house pet is easier than working for a living. They also missed the one about how other predators get by on much less excessive amounts of shuteye. Your furball may not have to hunt anything other than a catnip mouse or a fuzzy slipper, but she’ll still sleep as though she’s exhausted.

While Fluffy Sleeps…

When Fluffy is napping, she’s often only half-asleep, and will continue processing stimuli, such as sounds. This allows kitties in the wild to stay alert – or at least somewhat alert – to things going on around them. Another note of interest: our feline friends do dream. It’s anyone’s guess as to what they dream about, but we suspect catnip, mice, and boxes may be on the list.

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