Obesity in Cats

Is your cat getting a bit round lately? Is it becoming harder to pick Fluffy up for a cuddle? If so, your kitty may very well be overweight, or even obese. By some estimates, over half of our feline buddies are overweight, so your furball is certainly not alone! A Clinton, UT veterinarian discusses feline obesity in this article.

Dangers of Obesity

Those extra pounds carry many of the same health risks for our feline friends as they do for us. Obese cats have a much higher risk of developing several serious medical problems, including heart problems, liver trouble, diabetes, and even cancer! Therefore, keeping Fluffy at a healthy weight is very important! While sometimes kitties do gain weight because of medical issues, more often a lack of exercise, combined with a fondness for eating, is the reason. If your furball has really started packing on pounds lately, have your vet examine her to check for medical issues.


Kitties need to lose weight slowly and steadily in order to drop pounds without compromising their health. Never put a cat on a crash diet: this is very bad for feline metabolism, and could make your pet very sick! If you know or suspect that Fluffy is, well, not just fluffy, ask your vet to recommend a nutritional plan. You’ll also want to be mindful of portion sizes. Just eating an extra ten calories a day can lead your feline buddy to gain a pound a year!


Given that sleeping is one of Fluffy’s favorite pastimes, you may find it challenging to get your furball moving for more than a few minutes at a time. Let your kitty have her naps, but make time for a few short play sessions each day. Choose interactive toys, like string toys or laser pointers, to really pique your feline pal’s interest and get her engaged.


Just like people, cats sometimes snack when they get bored. Be sure to provide Fluffy with plenty of toys and stimulation to keep her occupied. One easy way to do this is to simply place a cat tower or comfy piece of furniture before a window with an interesting view. Kitties love birdwatching, so putting a bird feeder outside Fluffy’s favorite window will provide your furball with ongoing entertainment.

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