After Hours Emergency Care

No caring pet owner ever wants to imagine their cherished four-legged companion experiencing an emergency situation, but accidents happen and sudden, unexpected illnesses and injuries occur. It’s important to know that, should the need for urgent veterinary care arise, you have someone you know and trust in your corner. At Quail Pointe Veterinary Hospital, we want you to feel confident that the moment an emergency situation arises for your pet – anytime, day or night – you can count on us!

Our team is experienced in delivering swift and effective care at a moment’s notice and we can help get your situation under control the moment you arrive. Our hospital is outfitted with all of the latest technology and equipment necessary to deliver precise, emergency care for any situation, whether it’s an acute illness, your pet has ingested something toxic or he or she has been involved in an accident. We’re prepared to step in and administer the most appropriate, effective treatment to your companion.

Whenever possible, we always recommend calling ahead before bringing your pet in for emergency care. This allows us to provide you with advice and guidance for first aid that you can apply to help your pet in the interim, and it also lets us better prepare for your pet’s arrival.


If your pet suffers an injury or becomes critically ill, regardless of whether it’s in the middle of the night, on a weekend or in the midst of a holiday celebration, we’ll be here to provide the necessary care and improve the chances of a positive outcome. Whenever you need us, we’ll be here!