Keeping your pet healthy on the outside is just as important as ensuring their internal health. Regular grooming promotes a clean coat and healthy skin, and can eliminate many of the unpleasantries of owning a pet, such as odor and shedding. Yet, for many pet owners, grooming at home can be a challenge. Maybe your dog doesn’t cooperate at bath time, or brushing your cat’s long hair every day is becoming a chore. the professional grooming services at Quail Pointe Veterinary Hospital can provide you with the perfect solution.

Our experienced groomers understand that each pet is unique, and they will make every effort to keep your pet as safe and comfortable as possible during his or her appointment. Does your pet have special needs or existing skin problems? Do you have any special requests? We are experienced in all aspects of pet grooming and are happy to accommodate your unique needs whenever possible.

At Quail Pointe, we understand that it can sometimes be challenging to find a groomer with a gentle touch, who will treat your pet with compassion while also creating the “perfect” look. We take great pride in providing the highest quality services to each pet that comes to us for a grooming session. Whether it’s a simple nail trim or a full spa experience, our groomers will have your four-legged friend looking, feeling and smelling their very best!