No pet owner ever wants to hear the words, “your pet needs surgery”. Even if it’s just for something routine, like a spay or neuter, it can be a frightening time filled with uncertainty. You want to be sure that your pet will receive the best possible care and will remain safe and comfortable at all times.

At Quail Pointe Veterinary Hospital, we have a team of highly skilled veterinary professionals who are prepared to assist with all of your pet’s surgical care needs. We understand that bringing a loved one in for surgery – whether two-legged or four – can be a difficult time for you both. We want to set your mind at ease and provide you with the most positive, stress-free surgical experience possible. Rest assured that when it comes to surgery, your pet’s safety and comfort are our highest priority.

We offer an extensive range of surgical services, from routine spays and neuters to complex orthopedic and ophthalmic procedures, all of which are performed in our state of the art surgical suite using the most up to date equipment and techniques. Our veterinarians are experienced in all aspects of pet surgery and always adhere to the strictest standards of care at all times. From the moment you drop your companion off until you pick them up after surgery, he or she will be in caring, capable hands.

What’s the first step?

The safety of our patients is of the utmost importance to us, and it shows in everything we do. Before we ever even schedule your pet’s surgery, we will conduct a thorough physical exam and perform a detailed health screening to ensure that he or she is well enough to proceed. Animals that are older or those that suffer from existing health problems are at a greater risk of complications, so we want to be well prepared ahead of time to reduce the risk your pet will be exposed to and ensure their optimum wellbeing.

What happens the day of surgery?

Once you’ve brought your pet in for surgery, our team will get to work developing a customized pain management plan that is tailored specifically to your companion’s needs and risk factors. The goal is to keep them comfortable throughout the procedure while also keeping them as safe as possible at the same time. Your pet will then be prepped for surgery and sedated by our highly skilled technicians.

During surgery, the doctor will work diligently and efficiently to achieve the best possible outcome for your pet. Our team of technicians and assistants will also be on hand to help with the procedure as needed. Your pet will be closely monitored throughout the surgery using the most modern monitoring equipment available. We want to ensure that his or her vital signs, such as blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen levels, as well as pain control remain right where they should be at all times.

After surgery…

Once your pet’s procedure is complete, we will carefully relocate them to our warm, quiet recovery area. As your pet begins to wake up from the anesthesia, we’ll keep a close eye on them to make sure there are no complications. When we feel confident that your pet is ready to go home, we’ll reach out to you to arrange a pick up time. Most surgical patients are able to go home the same day as their procedure.

Your pet’s recovery…

Before you bring your pet home, we will carefully explain our aftercare instructions. This may include an appropriate plan to manage your pet’s pain at home. We want to help make the recovery process as speedy and painless as possible. Should any questions or concerns arise about your pet once you return home, please do not hesitate to call us. Help is only a phone call away!

Having to bring your pet in for a surgical procedure, no matter how routine it may be, can be a nerve wracking time for most pet owners. Let us make it a little easier on you. Count on the team at Quail Pointe to handle all of your pet’s surgical care needs and you’ll never have to worry again!